Life Insurance

Life insurance involves an arrangement with an insurance provider. If the person covered by the policy passes away, the insurance provider pays a lump sum to the chosen beneficiaries. To make this possible, the person covered by the policy pays the insurance provider premiums at regular intervals.

Living Benefits

A Living Benefit payment represents a lump sum payment to the policy holder if they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. These are a medical condition where recovery is not anticipated.

Group Benefits

Group benefits refer to dental, vision, disability, accidental death and dismemberment benefits. These are extended to members of the policy and their dependents. Individuals can obtain their own policy if it is not provided by their employer.


An investment constitutes an asset or item obtained with the objective of generating income or expecting appreciation. Appreciation occurs when the object of investment rises in value over a period of time. When an individual purchases an investment, the intention is for it to be held and used in the future to foster wealth creation.