Living Benefits

Critical Illness (*)

If you encounter an illness that requires extended treatment and recuperation, critical illness insurance steps in to help manage essential household expenses. This way, you can avoid dipping into your RRSP or other savings. For self-employed business proprietors, it serves as an excellent way to sustain business operations during the recovery period. With critical illness insurance, you can focus on your recovery.

Disability Insurance (*)

If an unfortunate circumstance arises where you experience disability and cannot generate income, disability insurance can provide assistance by substituting a portion of your income, whether for the short or long term. Disability can result from personal injury, severe illness, or mental health concerns. The benefits can be allocated to cover essential household expenses or other significant needs as you deem appropriate.

Travel Insurance (*)

Few things can spoil a trip as effectively as lacking adequate insurance coverage when you need it most. Our plans encompass medical coverage for your whole family, including emergency support if you find yourself needing out-of-province hospital care. Be it a global adventure or a journey within the country, we offer a travel insurance plan tailored precisely to your needs.