What We Do

Cashflow management (*)

Maintaining positive cash flow is crucial to holding a steady path to financial success. It’s like flying a plane without fuel – you get nowhere fast! Together, we’ll find ways to keep a steady cash flow to keep your financial journey on track. The first step along your financial journey is to make sure you have more money coming in than you’re paying out. We can help determine that you’re on good financial footing with a detailed cash flow analysis. This detailed analysis will help us recommend adjustments that will maximize the amount of cash you’re saving. The more you save, the more you can invest into your financial strategy – which helps you reach your goals faster. It’s that simple. We’ll help you get there.

Risk Management (*)

A complete financial plan includes a risk management strategy. No matter the circumstances, we’ll work to keep your financial journey moving forward. Life is full of risks that no one can predict. We’ll help protect you from any unforeseen circumstances that affect your income, such as illness, disability, or death, with a risk management plan that covers all the bases. You are your biggest asset. Protect yourself and your family with a strategy that will bring you peace of mind when you need it the most.

Tax Planning (*)

Our tax planning strategies are designed to put the tax codes to work for you, so you get to keep more of your hard-earned money and stay focused on your financial goals. We develop strategies from a tax perspective to ensure you have a financial structure in place to reduce your tax liability. We’ll also take advantage of every opportunity to save more of your hard-earned money from the taxman. Strategizing about your tax structure might seem complicated, but we’ll help guide and educate you through the process so you can continue on your financial journey with confidence.

Investment Planning (*)

It’s for anyone who wants to have their hard-earned money working for them and ultimately
grow their financial portfolio. Investing begins with determining what your ultimate financial goals are. Whether it’s to save money for a big purchase, plan for university or college for yourself or your children, have a nest egg in place for retirement, or to simply have the freedom to fulfill your “Bucket List” without affecting your quality of life today. Each element of our investment strategy is tailored around you, your family, and your financial goals.

We’ll start by spending time to understand what you know about investing and what your comfort level is. From there, we’ll work with you to recommend an investment plan that suits your available funds and your short and long-term goals. You can rest assured that we will also keep you on track through regular reviews, so you’re always informed and current with your investment activity.

Canadians are living longer than ever. Start early to set up a plan or take time to review what you set up years ago and ensure your needs are being met for a long and prosperous life.

Estate Planning (*)

Preserve your wealth for your family, respected charitable organizations or institutions, or whomever you wish to be your beneficiary. With an estate plan tailored to your wishes, you’ll have a strategy that minimizes taxes and probate fees, and protects as much of your estate as possible for your loved ones.

Our team will help you develop a tax-efficient estate strategy that will ensure a smooth transition of your wealth after you’ve passed away. We’ll work with you to create your Will and Power of Attorney or review what you originally created to ensure it is current and assist with any
changes, if necessary. Ensure that your wealth is properly distributed using tax-efficient estate planning strategies.

Remember – you’re never too young for estate planning. Let’s start working on your plan now